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heh heh

MadyBoutYou (8:30:40 PM): yo
WTFtat (8:31:57 PM): Okey.
WTFtat (8:31:59 PM): HOLA
WTFtat (8:32:06 PM): Eesss lyke, wass up.
MadyBoutYou (8:32:12 PM): hiiii
MadyBoutYou (8:32:23 PM): how are u?
WTFtat (8:33:30 PM): I'm fine jai jan.
WTFtat (8:33:33 PM): what's up with you?
MadyBoutYou (8:33:39 PM): well
MadyBoutYou (8:33:45 PM): i was looking through my phone
MadyBoutYou (8:34:03 PM): through my txts n i saw a bunch of txts that steven sent me
MadyBoutYou (8:34:07 PM): while we were still in hs
MadyBoutYou (8:34:19 PM): n he mentions  u
WTFtat (8:34:22 PM): hahaha
WTFtat (8:34:25 PM): I'm done.
WTFtat (8:34:26 PM): Share.
MadyBoutYou (8:34:57 PM): ok well he sent me like 6 txts in a row so i guess i'll just tell u what he said in all of em or else it wont make sense
MadyBoutYou (8:35:49 PM): 1) i juss wanna say that i love wut u sed in the yrbk. altho we did not hangout for like 10 years. we still knew eachother. we were the only ones who survived lol
MadyBoutYou (8:36:05 PM): ok there is some more after that but ur still not mentiond
MadyBoutYou (8:36:07 PM): n then he says
MadyBoutYou (8:36:55 PM): "n altho i fuck around with u and tatevik. i dont mean it. she's one of the coolest ppl i will ever know. she knows it deep down. but we juss say we hate eachothers guts
MadyBoutYou (8:37:58 PM): n then he says "sry if this is random. im still in shock that were graduation. n ppl dont really kno what they have til its gone. its a kinda self revelation lol"
MadyBoutYou (8:38:06 PM): n then theirs more but its not  important
MadyBoutYou (8:38:45 PM): aint that somethin? lol
WTFtat (8:40:57 PM): Dude.
WTFtat (8:41:00 PM): That made my day.
MadyBoutYou (8:41:05 PM): aww
WTFtat (8:41:14 PM): I'm laughing.
MadyBoutYou (8:41:17 PM): haha
WTFtat (8:41:20 PM): It's super funny.
WTFtat (8:41:23 PM): And strange.
MadyBoutYou (8:41:26 PM): i kno
MadyBoutYou (8:41:27 PM): ok imagine
MadyBoutYou (8:41:48 PM): trying to fall asleep at 1 at night n u get like 7 txts like this in a row from him
MadyBoutYou (8:41:56 PM): i was so confused
WTFtat (8:42:36 PM): So he was drunk...
MadyBoutYou (8:42:46 PM): possibly
MadyBoutYou (8:43:06 PM): oo theirs more
MadyBoutYou (8:43:48 PM): "yea. its late but i juss had to get it out. weird? i dont give a fuck hahaha well goodnite, and tell the demented butcher (tatevik) i sed hi lol. bye"
MadyBoutYou (8:44:17 PM): i think he likes u
MadyBoutYou (8:44:18 PM): lol
WTFtat (8:44:53 PM): hahahaha
WTFtat (8:44:54 PM): I'm done.
MadyBoutYou (8:45:42 PM): haha yea i thought i'd share that with u
WTFtat (8:46:32 PM): Thanks boz jan.
MadyBoutYou (8:47:32 PM): ur welcome my fellow boz
beach, girl

AIM on a dime, bro?

meline says (6:37:23 PM): dude
meline says (6:37:26 PM): i'm hungryyy
WTFtat (6:37:35 PM): Babe.
WTFtat (6:37:38 PM): Are you hungry?
meline says (6:37:40 PM): YES
WTFtat (6:37:45 PM): So eat.
meline says (6:37:58 PM): WHAT
WTFtat (6:38:04 PM): Food?
meline says (6:38:14 PM): ain't none
WTFtat (6:38:25 PM): Imagine some.
meline says went away at 7:04:13 PM.
WTFtat (7:04:22 PM): I wanna learn how to DRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE

Auto Response from meline says (7:04:22 PM): You're not the sun, the world doesn't revolve around you.
meline says (7:04:29 PM): learn
WTFtat (7:04:38 PM): No one will teach me.
meline says (7:04:46 PM): find someone?
WTFtat (7:04:52 PM): Oof, who?
WTFtat (7:05:04 PM): Hey Tania, can we take your car to Lowe's so I can learn how to drive?
meline says (7:05:11 PM): IMAGINE SOMEONE.
meline says (7:05:13 PM): bitch

WTFtat (6:37:01 PM): Michael Jackson says You're ignorant.

Auto Response from JORGE KNOWS BEST (6:37:02 PM): i'm away
JORGE KNOWS BEST (7:09:48 PM): why's that?
WTFtat (7:10:09 PM): Because you don't understand the love shared between a grown man and a little boy.
JORGE KNOWS BEST (7:10:21 PM): he's right
JORGE KNOWS BEST (7:10:26 PM): i don't support their right to marry
JORGE KNOWS BEST (7:10:29 PM): i must be a bigot
WTFtat (7:10:59 PM): You can't be so conservative George.  The world is changing.
WTFtat (7:11:08 PM): Women are kissing women now.
WTFtat (7:11:13 PM): Dogs are humping cats.
WTFtat (7:11:16 PM): Nothing is as it was.
JORGE KNOWS BEST (7:11:24 PM): i cant tell if you're being serious or not
WTFtat (7:11:52 PM): You know, that's the downside to being me.
JORGE KNOWS BEST (7:12:11 PM): well, just because it's changing doesn't mean i'm not accpeting it
JORGE KNOWS BEST (7:12:14 PM): i just dont want it to be law
WTFtat (7:12:51 PM): But there's a law that bans even DATING between different aged couples.
WTFtat (7:13:05 PM): Why do we get to be same aged, but not same sexed?
WTFtat (7:13:08 PM): ANSWER ME THAT
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Um, I had a day today... HD, yo.

So, I'm in one of the sectioned off single-person study areas at the college library.  I'm pretty much minding my own business, when some graffiti catches my eye.  A quick glance, and I see "HP" written in thick blue letters.  My mind, being the freak that it is, immediately jumps to HARRY POTTER RAWR and settles back down.  I turn my attention back to my book.

Soon after that, I'm drawn to the graffiti again.  And this time, I see in thinner lettering, next to HP, DM.  I just about had a fricken heart attack.  I couldn't help it, I kept repeating over and over, HPDM! HPDM! HPDM!!!  Seriously, what else could that stand for?

Here I am, in a quiet library, bouncing in my seat and snorting uncontrollably, when I notice the two graffiti dicks drawn right next to the initials.  I stopped laughing because I couldn't handle the amusement.

What's even weirder is that I live in a super conservative area.  And go to a mostly conservative school.  What are the odds?

I mean, you'd think I'd notice the dicks first, wouldn't you?

beach, girl

My friends and their brains.

if there was a cat on the tree and god said hello to you while you were walking your fish to the would you feel if i came down and shit on your life?

-Caroline's away message

I mean.  I don't know how I'd feel... It's kind of a lot to take in.  I mean, the cat's on the tree, and on one hand I'm happy that it's up there because then he's not eating my fish, but on the other hand, poor cat's stuck in the tree.  Would I really mind though?  If the cat ate my fish?  I'm walking it to the pound...  Why would I need to keep that fish alive?
And woah.  God said hello to me. 
Imagine...  Just imagine you shitting on my life right at that moment.  When I'm about to give my fish up, when a cat wants to eat it, and God wants to ask wuzzup.
I keep thinking I'd be pissed.
But I have a feeling that I'd probably laugh and laugh and laugh.  Depending on how big your shit was.  And how much it covered.  Hell, it could have killed my fish.  Which is kind of what I wanted in the first place.
So please.  Shit on my life.
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So two days ago, I started reading this fic on live journal.  And now I can't find it.  Normally, when I read fics on livejournal, I usually bookmark the journal or make it a point to remember the name... but like an idiot, this time I didn't.  Which sucks 'cause I really liked it.

Which is why I need your help!  Yes your help!

How does one get the original font size back?  Who cares.  This is important.  All I remember about the journal itself was that the layout was a direct copy of blamebrampton 's lj.  But more importantly the story was about Harry and Draco and Draco's love for tea and how Jeff's a theif and how flesh wands are all like woah.  It's all very recent.  But I just can't find it.
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So, this is pretty much my summer...

WTFtat (3:55:21 PM): Two more weeks of summer.
meline says (3:55:30 PM): fuck this
meline says (3:55:37 PM): EVERYDAY STARTING TOMORROW..
meline says (3:55:41 PM): I'M NOT GOING HOME
meline says (3:55:44 PM): WTF MAN
WTFtat (3:56:26 PM): Seriously dude.
WTFtat (3:56:33 PM): I'm spendin' err day wif you.
meline says (3:56:36 PM): i'm not being dramatic.
WTFtat (3:56:43 PM): What's drama.
meline says (3:56:53 PM): i just told my mom she's not seeing me for two weeks
meline says (3:57:02 PM): and she laughed like the devil
meline says (3:57:06 PM): FUCK
meline says (3:57:20 PM): people are getting high right now
meline says (3:57:23 PM): fucking
meline says (3:57:27 PM): drinking
meline says (3:57:33 PM): having parties till morning
meline says (3:57:52 PM): i'm decorating plastic cups and you're taking care of your demon grandman
meline says (3:57:55 PM): hahahahahha
meline says (3:57:57 PM): FUCK
WTFtat (3:58:09 PM): hahahaha
WTFtat (3:58:10 PM): grandman.
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I got a bit bored...

So I started messing around and ended up with Harry Potter.  And Draco Malfoy.  Who looks really badly drawn.  In fact, they both do.  But I like how I started off with a nose and ended up with this.

Yeah... hahahaha

 Harry Potter's ear is unnaturally small....
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Not that anyone cares.  But woo!

If I could, I'd "Ay Bro" myself.

Not that anyone knows.  What it means, I mean.

A quick lesson in the art of Ay Bro.

The Ay Bro, (sometimes refered to as ey bro, hey bro, and hello brother) is a variation of the straight man handshake.  You all know what I'm talking about...  It involves two people, obviously, where both persons, usually male, make a quick, forceful grab with their right hand and with their left, an equally quick clap on the other person's back.  As they draw their left hand away, they pull their right hands apart and lightly pound the others knuckles.  Like the Obamas.  Except at waist height.  It has much the same point as the "Pound", used to congratulate someone for a job well done, but is usually in reference to a well placed jab or really funny joke where the receiver of the Ay Bro came out victorious.

There is nothing serious about the Ay Bro.  And if I had it on tape, I'd share it with you all.

Seriously, what the hell was the point of this blog?  I just passed my midterm with a 95%.  I should be out celebrating.

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H/D, J/S, S/C/N

There's not much to do in the summer.  Take a few classes at the community college for transfer credits, sit around, wait for USCIS to send you your replacement green card so you can finally get a job like any other respectable adult.... 

Where am I?  Oh yes.  Summer classes.  Or just class in my case, considering I am too lazy and fearful to actually apply myself.  I know, on some level that it was necessary for me to take this class, but three and a half hours of French a day is liable to kill anyone.  Or at least cause some form of brain damage.  How does one even begin to explain?  Let's start off with the fact that she's obsessed with cats.  Mandarin et Mandarine, I swear I know more about her cats than I do French culture.  Mandarin est orange et blanc et Mandarine est orange et tigree!  Et ils sont freres et.. et..  WHO CARES.  Mandarine is DEAD!  But she still talks about him like he EXISTS.  And everyday, she greets us with "Bonjour, j'arrive en retard!  But I promise to be on time tomorrow!"  This woman is batshit.  And I'm letting her get to me.  

Luckily, I've found ways to deal with all of this.  One of them being to simply fall asleep and have this guy Pablo wake me when she asks a question.  But that in no way helps my grade or encourages progress.  So I've turned to something else.

Fan fiction.

Yeah.  Fan fiction.  Writing more so than reading.  But so far it's been two days and I've really gotten nowhere.  On the bright side, I've figured out WHY. 

Well first, I have to say that my plan was to write some brilliant H/D fan fic.  It's about the only pairing I read these days and I've always wanted to take a crack at it, you know?  There are some people in the fandom who write crazy amazing fic, well-written Dracos and Harrys all around and I know I'm not a bad writer, so I should be able to do this, right?  Wrong.  Wrong on so many steps that lead to levels that I was wrong on.

And I've figured out why I can never write fanfic.  Well, that's not true, I've done it before, but you get my point, I hope.  I've realized that I can't write a damn pairing between two existing characters.  I'm a damn OFC/OMC writer.  I think my imagination's too desperate to make add ons in people's lives or something because my need to add original characters even bleeds into other people's fic.  Like, while I'm reading a really good fic, I'll start thinking of ways of adding things in.  A Fan Fiction Writer For Fan Fiction.  That is what I am.

I think it all started with my first fandom....  Pirates of the Caribbean.  I actually wrote things for that fandom.  Good things.  But nothing with existing character pairings.  Everything was either OFC, AU or X-over.  What is wrong with me.  

I mean, in my defense, they weren't bad original characters, nothing Mary Sue about them.  They were mostly disturbed individuals there only to highlight a character's... characteristics.

And even now, when I'm trying to write some good H/D, all I can think of is a crossover fic filled with conspiracies and shit.

Speaking of conspiracies, do you guys watch LOST?  But then again, what you guys, as of right now, I only have one friend on this journal.  And that's only because I'm desperate to read her fics.  

Anyway, LOST.  I've noticed, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, that Harry and Draco are like Lost's Jack and Sawyer.  Really though.  It's so obvious that I can't even begin to point out the similarities.  I just- HOW DID I NOT SEE IT.  That's all I wanted to know.  Lost is my favorite show, Harry Potter is one of my favorite books.  

Jack is Harry
Sawyer is Draco
Locke is DUMBLEDORE (minus all that bullshit about being nice to Harry)
Benry is fucking Voldemort reincarnated....

Except Lost is much more complex because Locke and Benry are in cahoots with each other.  But whatevs.  I think I'm losing my mind and somehow I'm going to end up writing a HP/Lost crossover where everyone gets boned by Sawyer.

Oh yeah.  S/C/N.  A threesome saved for another day I supposed.  This journal entry is unnecessarily long as it is.  And only about 2.576% of it makes sense.

Btw, I know some of the french words up there should have accented Es.  I know.
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The night, she is old.

So.  My neighbors are obviously on some narcotics binge.  Or having some sort of orgy.  Or playing a drinking game.  Or possibly all three rolled into one activity.  Though, I don't know how you'd manage that.

My point is.  I may not have to wake up at five thirty in the morning to go to school tomorrow, but college kids needs to enjoy their days off, you know?  And I prefer to enjoy mine in a peaceful manner.

Dear Christ.  I think I hear slapping noises.  Yes.  They're that close.  And gasping.  -__-  I can hear them gasping.  This is what happens when you rent out a place with no insulation just 'cause it's cheaper.  You hear everything.  Everything, baby gurl.

Long drawn out Ooooh!!!s, slapping, gasping and a layer of house music to top it all off.  Damn crazies.

I feel like I'm eighty.  And these are the kids who stepped on my begonias. 

Young folk, goin' around and steppin' on flowers like they own the streets.  What has the world come to?